School Profile

Carolina Charter Academy began with the desire for school choice for families living in Southern Wake County, Harnett County, and Johnston County.

All three counties are experiencing growth. However, there are very few options available to parents.  The founders visited several charter schools throughout the state.  After, gleaning ideas from their visits, research and networking the founders wrote an application and submitted it to NC DPI.  The application received approval in Spring 2017.
Carolina Charter Academy will open in Fall 2019.  CCA will provide southern Wake, Johnston and Harnett county residents with a school that embraces a sense of community while offering a challenging curriculum and preparing students to be informed and involved citizens.


Mission Statement

Carolina Charter Academy prepares students for a lifetime of learning by developing their natural passion for discovery and problem-solving. Students are immersed in an engaged learning environment where they develop a knowledge-based education to better understand the world around them.



Students are held to a high standard of civil behavior and learn the importance of honesty, consideration, and responsibility. Within this innovative environment, our students are prepared to be involved and informed citizens in a free and equal society.